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About Studio Journey

Want to be inspired and motivated to show up and create consistently?

Are you stuck struggling with the middle of the painting, feeling lost and not quite knowing what to do next to create paintings you love?

Are you sensing that there’s an astonishing artist living inside of you who only needs the confidence to believe this so she can create her deepest work?

I hear you!

Painting is a mirror

It brings up everything, including fear, self doubt, perfectionism, inner criticism, and even resignation.

I’ve been there myself which is why I created Studio Journey.

After painting for over twenty years in various mediums and styles, I know the stumbling blocks for artists:

  • wanting to start painting but afraid it won’t be good enough 
  • concern that it’s too late
  • feeling like you’re not a “real artist” and never will be
  • enjoying starting paintings but feeling anxious about finishing them
  • repeating what’s worked before but feeling unfulfilled by this
  • replicating other artist’s work and never feeling like you’re expressing your own vision
  • wanting to express YOU and not knowing how
  • lacking confidence as an artist

I’m here to help you navigate the perils of your artist’s journey and to trust yourself as an artist, deeply experiment and finally express YOU in your art. 

You’ll Get Weekly Painting Demos

Look forward to weekly painting demos as well as lessons, explorations, exercises, resources and surprises awaiting you. Here are some examples of workshops you’ll receive:

First Workshop: Working In A Series

Studio Journey: Working In A Series

Second Workshop: The Power Of Constraint

Studio Journey: Working With Constraint

Third Workshop: Working Large, Staying Loose

Studio Journey: Working Large in Abstract Art

You’ll learn To Cultivate & Nourish Your Studio Practice

Studio Journey: Abstract painting

Finally create the art of your dreams. Loosen up, express yourself and breathe life into your paintings. Accelerate your development as an artist by learning studio secrets of the pros.

Studio Journey is a new workshop delivered weekly to you for 8 weeks and with a year of access that helps both new art students and seasoned artists enrich their studio practice through lessons, exercises, painting tutorials and resources. After a year you can renew access for a nominal fee.

In Studio Journey Studio Journey you’ll receive emails to guide, encourage and motivate you as you explore, experiment and connect with other artists.

You’ll have access to a growing library of resources including: art lessons, video demonstrations, painting exercises, supply lists, studio tips and other surprises.

In Studio Journey you’ll have access to Dr. Nancy Hillis in our private Facebook groups. Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to meet a community of artists who know the agony and the ecstasy of creating abstract art.

Journeyers love creating abstract art and together we inspire and encourage one another to explore and experiment as artists because that’s where the magic is!   

Breathe life into your art. Become a Journeyer!

Benefits of the course

Art Workshop & Training Photo

Art Workshop & Training

Weekly Workshop

Each week, a new concept based workshop is released. Each workshop includes four main lessons: Studio Concept where we explore a concept relevant to abstract painting, Studio Exploration where we investigate both the inner and outer landscape that gives juice and fuels our evolution as artists, Studio Exercise where we implement and experiment with the concepts we’re learning and Studio Demo where I complete a painting and give commentary about the process.


Imagine having a new art focused training every week. You submit topics, questions and art techniques you’re most interested in as well as images of your art. Be inspired and encouraged by Nancy and Team Journey as well as the other wonderful Journeyers.

Art Secrets, Resources & Community Photo

Community & Library

Art Secrets & Resources

Need a refresher on how to employ flux on an automatic drawing? Need to find out which paper to purchase? Want to know how to ship a large canvas painting half way across the country inexpensively? This growing ORGANIC LIBRARY of resources will save you loads of time. This is an evolving collection you can access as needed.


In the Studio Journey Intensive course we believe in encouraging and inspiring one another on our artist’s journey. Fellow artists will celebrate your experimentation and your accomplishments. They’ll also believe in you on days when you need it the most. We have a private Facebook group and this is where you can access Nancy through comments and questions. We’re here to guide and support you to create your deepest studio practice and art.

The Holy Grail Of Creating Art Photo

The Holy Grail Of Creating


Threading through Studio Journey as well as all my courses, workshops, video tutorials and books is the idea that your inner landscape affects everything in your art and life. In order to create your deepest, most meaningful, astonishing and alive abstract art…you’ve got to believe in yourself enough to take the risks necessary to explore and experiment.

What this boils down to is finally trusting yourself as an artist and person. Indeed, this is the holy grail of creation.

It’s not easy but it’s possible to cultivate an attitude of trusting yourself as you paint.

It’s the work of my life to help artists to believe in themselves and I’m here to help and guide you on your artist’s journey in your studio.

I now understand the path to my best work

"My yearning to create on a deeper level and a desire for understanding the principles of making good art were answered beyond expectation. Nancy gives the gift of soul work with intuitive abstract art, moving through fear and into the present moment with joyful experimentation.

I now understand the path to my best work, to be able to paint with an expressive aliveness, and am deeply grateful for Nancy's genuine care and individual attention. The content is presented sincerely and simply and is deeply moving."

- Chrissy Skurr, Australia

The best online course I've taken and completed

"Nancy's course allowed me to experience for the first time an acceptance and love for my art through my mark making and my own style.

Not only did I learn about the fundamentals of creating abstract art, but I learned them in a way that was deeper and easy to understand.

Nancy's feedback, guidance and support were invaluable. It's been the best online course I've taken and completed! "

- Betty Franks Krause, San Jose, California

This is one of the best workshops I have taken!

"As for Nancy: I don't know where to start my praise. You are full of life, full of love of life, and have a deep understanding of the "other." You are a fantastic teacher, and your lessons are so intelligently put together!

I can honestly say to you that this is one of the best workshops I have taken! You not only provided invaluable information, with which you opened doors to a new level in painting, but also you led us through with your encouragement & your belief that we can do it. You made it possible for us to venture in new territory & helped us through it!"

- Vera V. Tchikovani, San Francisco, California

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Your Mentor

Nancy Hillis, M.D.
Nancy Hillis, M.D.

Artist, author, and Stanford trained psychiatrist Dr. Nancy Hillis will guide and inspire you as you step into the terra incognita of your soul and face your vulnerability as an artist. She believes that your most astonishing work comes from deep exploration and experimentation. Nancy encourages you to find the nascent, unexpressed parts of yourself, give voice to your subconscious experiences, and finally express YOU in your art and life.

Founder of The Artist’s Journey workshops and courses, Nancy has led over 21,000 students on their creative journeys. Not only does Nancy encourage you to express yourself in your art, she has created courses and workshops to guide you on a tangible and accessible path to your deepest artistic fulfillment.

Nancy is the best selling author of The Artist's Journey: Bold Strokes To Spark Creativity. Available on Amazon. Named by BookAuthority as a "Top 100 Creativity Books Of All Time". Nab your copy and leave us a review.

Nancy's just released her new book The Artist's Journey Creativity Reflection Journey. It was the #1 New Release in Creativity on Amazon on it's first day of publication. Buy the book and receive the exclusive Creativity Immersion Program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course good for?
This course is for artists yearning to create from the inside out. You desire to express "you" in your art and understand that this is a journey of saying yes to your dreams, facing the perils of creating and learning to trust yourself in your process. You may be at the beginning of your art journey or a seasoned professional. This course is about accessing the deep well of your creativity as you continually explore, experiment and evolve your art.
What is included in the Studio Journey Intensive?
So much! An art bundle every week for 8 weeks plus 4 bonus art bundles. Each workshop contains an Art Bundle consisting of 4 main parts: an art concept, inner and outer explorations, exercises and a painting demo exploring the concept we're featuring that week. You'll receive encouraging and inspiring emails to guide you through the workshop each week.
What else in included in the Studio Journey Intensive?
You'll get the Studio Start quick start guide when you register. This is located at the very top of the course page You'll have opportunities to share your journey, explorations and experimental works with a wonderful group of artists through our private Facebook group. Videos, Audio, Bonuses, Surprises & much more!
What makes this course different from all other courses?
This is intensive course is meant to get you off the sofa, away from the distractions and back into your studio. This is a course that fosters deep exploration and experimentation. This is about embracing the unknown, allowing the "ugly paintings" to come through and take their place in your development as an artist. This is a course about continually evolving your art. Developed by abstract artist, best selling author and Stanford trained existential psychiatrist who asserts that your deepest art comes from the inside out.
Are the workshops downloadable?
Workshops must be viewed online and are not downloadable. Occasionally a resource will be made available for download such as a PDF.
How long do I have access to the workshops?
You have access to the course for one full year. As an alumnus, you can renew at a nominal fee.
What if I have support issues?
You can contact us at [email protected] We have office hours Monday-Friday 9 am- 5 pm PST. We'll respond to you as quickly as possible.
What is your refund/cancellation policy?
We have a 7 day refund policy. You may request a refund at any time during the first 7 days after registration.

Weekly workshop with fresh lessons, exercises, and video demos to inspire you. Join Studio Journey today and be a part of a wonderful community of artists.

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